Sony Dual Shock 4 controller – problems with ghost inputs – random moves in menu


When my Raspberry become RetroPie station I had to find good controller to play games . My shoot was DS4 controller, last version for Sony PlayStation 4, very good profile, durable .

Main configuration in Retropie was smooth and easy . Controller was working via cable and Bluetooth too.  Perfect!

But I saw in menu that sometimes scrolling games was not controlled , cursor was crazy. It moves up or down menu like I would pressing button, I I wasn’t.

I fount many receipt for it

  1. Kernel upgrade – ups … does not work!
  2. Editing file with settings for controller – does not work ether.
  3. Changing driver to ds4drv – the same.

One thing was fixing the issue, new Bluetooth dongle . After disabling

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Adding entry  and inserting new dongle



New controller configuration , and voila, Problem was gone .



Problems are nearly gone . Sometime when menu has  a lot of intros  problem still persist, but is not so often like it was before. I can live with it 😛

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