My network is my castle. How to secure home network.

Today I’m going to describe my way for defending my network against malewale and others unwanted parts of internet. I decided to extend security of my network after some reflections after attacks of Cryptolocker, Flash vulnerabilities, fake invoices and more…  Every one should be aware that antivirus is not enough! Since 2006 we have 500 […]

Free handy tools part 2

Next tools can be used by users for documentation of problems on their computers. Sometime user’s problem description is not perfect, mostly you can forget about logs, but always you can ask for screenshot.  In windows 7 or 10 you can find app snipping tool but I think that we can use something more user […]

Free handy tools part 1

Every day most of  us use something what help us  in our daily basics. In this series of articles I will describe what I use in my daily help desk basics. Remote access: I really love Remote Desktop Connection Manager . Stable, simple and that’s all,  no more no less. You cannot integrate external tools, […]