How to create icon in easy way.

Windows has many icons which can be used for your link or app customization. Toons on icons can be found on internet , but what if you prefer to do this self? Make custom icon? The best way is to do this with tools which are free , clean and probably usable for many others needs.

It is easy , you will need gimp and iconify script.
First one can be found at second is harder to find. Main page where scripts for gimp were kept is not online any more, but page was ripped to static html site and hosted on Github. Here is a link .

Saving script please select RAW button , you will see clean text file with extension scm and file save in (%username%) is a name of your windows user.

Then restart gimp or refresh scripts by command from menu

Now find small size picture in google best it 256×256 pixels , select copy and paste as new image

Select our new script from Script-Fu menu

New tab with picture with 10 layers will be created ,

Ten layers

Export project as ico file

Export of prepared file
Gimp will recognize file type and structure to save by extension .ico

Few icons made for MremoteNG

I made many my own icons , and it is not complicated at all and you will have lot of fun.

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