Every day most of  us use something what help us  in our daily basics. In this series of articles I will describe what I use in my daily help desk basics.

Remote access:

I really love Remote Desktop Connection Manager . Stable, simple and that’s all,  no more no less. You cannot integrate external tools, command in it. You have to log on , start externally what ever you need to do. But… there is another alternative .


Free grate piece of software.  Was discontinued for a while but in 2016 project been restored by new group.

What is special in this app?
Tabbed interface, external tools integration it means that we can use command lines integration with app variables! In easy way you can select server or any other machine  and from menu  select one of preconfigured by you commands like ping , start SSH, send WOL signal ! more please take a look on http://forum.mremoteng.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=82

My config for externals tools

Used apps: sys intenal tools , nirsoft wakmeonlan, vbs and ps scripts

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <App DisplayName="Nslookup" FileName="cmd" Arguments="/K nslookup %hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="GET MAC" FileName="getmac.bat" Arguments="%hostname%" WaitForExit="True" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Shares List (Powershell)" FileName="powershell" Arguments="-noexit Get-WmiObject win32_share -computer %hostname%|sort name|fl" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Netstat (Listening ports)(using Sysinternals PSEXEC)" FileName="cmd" Arguments="/k psexec.exe \\%hostname% netstat -nab |find /i" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Kto jest zalogowany???" FileName="cmd" Arguments="/k c:\SMC\tools\psloggedon.exe \\%hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Lista zdalnie otwartych plików" FileName="cmd" Arguments="/k c:\SMC\tools\psfile.exe \\%hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Zarządzanie komputerem" FileName="compmgmt.msc" Arguments="/computer:%hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Traceroute" FileName="cmd" Arguments="/c set /P = | tracert %HostName%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Deamware" FileName="&quot;C:\Program Files (x86)\DameWare Development\DameWare Mini Remote Control\DWRcc.exe&quot;" Arguments="-c -m:%hostname% -u:ADMIN -d:domain.lan -a:2 " WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="True" />
    <App DisplayName="Wake ON Lan" FileName="mc-wol.exe" Arguments="%MACADDRESS% /a %HOSTNAME%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="R E B O O T" FileName="shutdown" Arguments="-i  /m %hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Printers" FileName="powershell" Arguments="-noexit Get-WmiObject win32_printer -computer %hostname%|sort name|fl  | Export-CSV -path c:\%hostname%.csv" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="GetSID" FileName="cmd" Arguments="/k psgetsid.exe \\%hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Windows Computer Manager" FileName="C:\windows\system32\compmgmt.msc" Arguments="/Computer=%Hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Putty" FileName="putty.exe" Arguments="%Username%@%Hostname% -pw %Password%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="New External Tool" FileName="cmd.exe" Arguments="/c  c:\tools\logonsessions.exe -p %hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="DRIVE C" FileName="cmd.exe" Arguments="/k set /P = | %HostName%\$c\" WaitForExit="True" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="MSINFO" FileName="msinfo32.exe" Arguments="/computer  %hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Processes" FileName="cmd" Arguments="/k c:\tools\pslist.exe \\%hostname% -t" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="CPU" FileName="wmic" Arguments="c:\windows\system32\wbem\wmic.exe /node:%hostname%  cpu get loadpercentage" WaitForExit="True" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Services" FileName="services.msc" Arguments="/computer:%hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="PING" FileName="cmd" Arguments="/c ping -t %HostName%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Scheluded tasks" FileName="cmd.exe" Arguments="/K schtasks.exe /query /fo list /V /s %hostname%" WaitForExit="True" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Explorer" FileName="explorer" Arguments="\\%hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Internet Explorer" FileName="iexplore.exe" Arguments="%hostname%" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Logoff" FileName="c:\SMC\Tools\tslogoff.exe" Arguments="ADMIN/server:%hostname%" WaitForExit="True" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="Wyloguj mnie" FileName="cmd.exe" Arguments="/k for /F &quot;tokens=2,3&quot; %i in ('c:\SMC\tools\psloggedon.exe  \\%hostname% ^| findstr  &quot;ADMIN&quot;') do @echo  %i | findstr /v &quot;[a-z]&quot; &amp;&amp; pslogoff /server:%hostname% %i" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="List installe dpriters" FileName="powershell" Arguments="-noexit Get-WMIObject -Class Win32_Printer -Computer %hostname% | Sort-Object Name | Select-Object Name,DriverName,PortName,Shared,ShareName |  &gt;&gt;%userprofile%\desktop\%hostname%.csv" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="SERVERS &gt;&gt;&gt; Printers export &lt;&lt;&lt;" FileName="powershell" Arguments="-noexit Get-WMIObject -Class Win32_Printer -Computer %hostname% | Select-Object Name,DriverName,PortName,Shared,ShareName,Location | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -path $env:userprofile\Desktop\%hostname%.csv" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="SERVERS &gt;&gt;&gt; DHCP EXP &lt;&lt;&lt;" FileName="powershell" Arguments="-noexit Export-DhcpServer -ComputerName %hostname% -File C:\exportdir\dhcpexport.xml" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />
    <App DisplayName="SERVER &gt;&gt;&gt; Computers list PL&lt;&lt;&lt;" FileName="CMD.EXE" Arguments="dsquery computer &quot;OU=PL,DC=domain,DC=int&quot; -o rdn -limit 0 &gt;%userprofile%\desktop\computers_list_PL.csv" WaitForExit="False" TryToIntegrate="False" />

More features on program’s forum



IT specialist at SMC since 2013. Interested in retrogaming, music and expanding his knowledge about IT related topics ;)

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