Additional toolbar for favourite programs in Windows 10

Old habits are stronger sometimes and I miss about some features from KDE or Gnome in Windows 10.
Start menu and customization like „add to start menu ” or change size is not enough for me. My desktop needs something for my favourites links.
Few minutes of googling and voila .

After installation I can say that is quite simple, and it doesn’t not eat to much memory. In my case it was about 3.8 MB of RAM. Here is screenshot from task manager and my toolbar which is already pre customized by me.

Is easy , simple and it works!
Adding new shortcuts to menu is very easy , settings are not complicated.

It is very interesting alternative to Rockedock which is no longer being developed . Last version of Linkbar has been updated in April 2019, Rocket dock last version is from 2008. Licencce it MIT , so can be used freely .

Since few days I can say that is stable, and enough for me.

Here is a link to Sourceforge where you can get it .

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