Additional toolbar for favourite programs in Windows 10

Old habits are stronger sometimes and I miss about some features from KDE or Gnome in Windows 10.
Start menu and customization like „add to start menu ” or change size is not enough for me. My desktop needs something for my favourites links.
Few minutes of googling and voila .

After installation I can say that is quite simple, and it doesn’t not eat to much memory. In my case it was about 3.8 MB of RAM. Here is screenshot from task manager and my toolbar which is already pre customized by me.

Is easy , simple and it works!
Adding new shortcuts to menu is very easy , settings are not complicated.

It is very interesting alternative to Rockedock which is no longer being developed . Last version of Linkbar has been updated in April 2019, Rocket dock last version is from 2008. Licencce it MIT , so can be used freely .

Since few days I can say that is stable, and enough for me.

Here is a link to Sourceforge where you can get it .

What if „Install” command is missing from the context menu in Windows 10 ?

After fresh installation of windows @10 rev 1903 I wanted to personalize my desktop , as I always do. Few things done , my favourite mouse cursor left.

Normally any inf file can be installed by opening mouse context menu , and selecting install command on file . But this time I was surprised . Install option was missing.

No matter what I tried , I was not able to bring my favourite cursor back! But, wait… I will try to install it with command line .

rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 .\Install_.inf

Worked .

Someone could ask what this number 128 in command means? So small explanation copied from MS page:

You should use a combination of the following values for mode. You must include 128 to set the default path of the installation to the location of the INF, otherwise a system-provided INF is assumed. Add values to specify rebooting. Note that only the values 128 or 132 are recommended, other values may cause the computer to reboot unnecessarily or not reboot when it required.

0System provided INF.
128Set the default path of the installation to the location of the INF. This is the typical setting.
+0Never reboot the computer.
+1Reboot the computer in all cases.
+2Always ask the users if they want to reboot.
+3Reboot the computer if necessary without asking user for permission.
+4If a reboot of the computer is necessary, ask the user for permission before rebooting.


I found source of my problem . File association for inf file was broken by Notepad++ configuration. Of course problem can be temporary fixed by using command line for future installations , or we can fix this permanently by restoring file association in registry. Copy text to txt file ,sa save as .reg and open it in explorer.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





@=”Setup Information”









And say hallo again to Install option in context menu.

KDE Connect – /storage/emulated/0 does not exist

This error will appears when you will try to explore you phone paired with computer.

What I tried new system installation, on UBUNTU/KUBUNTU 18.04 and 18.10 error /run/user/1000/592bbfe835d2ed5c/storage/emulated/0 does not exist was the same. So problem is not on computer side.

On my S8 phone KDE Connect app was in Version 1.10.1 . Downgrading to Version 1.8.4 solves all problems!

This app can be found on fdroid page , . Just download app via mobile browser and install on the phone. I had to pair and give permission for file browsing in KDE Connect app in my phone.